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I am a freelancer from Bangladesh and this is my portfolio.


Alumni Association



Serving as a Content Management System (CMS), Venus facilitates the seamless management of alumni directories, events, stories, galleries, notices, and donations.

Tailored to empower alumni members, it enables them to maintain an active online presence within their community, fostering connectivity through engaging features such as chat.

Stay updated on your long-sought alma mater mates effortlessly with this application.

Room Management



Revolutionize property management with Mars, an exceptional room management software designed for landlords to elevate their hotel/hostel management skills.

This all-in-one application streamlines essential property management tasks, including invoice generation, expense tracking, complaint resolution, and cleaning scheduling.

With Mars, you can effortlessly run your property like a seasoned professional.

Hospital Management



Engineered as a comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, Saturn takes the helm in managing hospitals or clinics efficiently.

Unlike its counterparts, Saturn offers flexibility in staff and accommodation categories, ensuring that healthcare providers can deliver optimal services without being encumbered by system limitations.

From pharmacy and cafeteria management to resource scheduling, Saturn encompasses all aspects of healthcare facility management.

Exam Management



Transforming the recruitment landscape, Neptune is an advanced exam management system catering to recruiters seeking a robust evaluation process for job seekers.

Overcoming the limitations of existing exam management software, Neptune goes beyond multiple-choice questions, offering a diverse range of question types, including a unique negative marking feature.

With Neptune, recruiters can create a more nuanced and comprehensive evaluation for roles, ensuring a thorough assessment of candidates.

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Web Design

Elevate your online presence with tailored websites boasting beautiful designs tailored to your unique requirements. I specialize in crafting visually stunning websites that not only meet but exceed your expectations! Experience affordable tech solutions for your web design needs.


Web Application

Explore the realm of dynamic and efficient web applications with my expertise. From developing E-commerce platforms to Property Management Software and ForEx trading admin panels, I bring a wealth of experience in creating diverse web applications.


Mobile App

Empower your business with cutting-edge mobile applications developed on the Flutter platform, which accelerates and simplifies the development process for both Android and iOS systems. I specialize in connecting these mobile apps with back-end APIs, delivering versatile, efficient, and integrated tech solutions.



Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the cornerstone of streamlining massive manual operations within large organizations. Drawing from my experience in developing a Hospital Management System, I offer integrated tech solutions that enhance operational efficiency. Explore the possibilities of an ERP tailored to your organization's needs.



Discover the flexibility of customized Content Management Systems (CMS) tailored to your specifications. While popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal exist, I specialize in creating bespoke CMS solutions, utilizing technologies from PHP to JavaScript or Golang. With a focus on Angular for front-end development and Express/Node or Golang API for back-end functionalities.



Fulfilling my dream role as an Engineering Manager, I offer expert consultation services for your projects. Whether it's project planning, determining the ideal tech stack, estimating development timelines, or strategizing market launches, I provide insights into balancing project variables. Experience affordable tech solutions tailored to your project management needs.


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Tech Stack

Angular Angular
Angular Material Angular Material
Apache 2 Apache 2
Azure Azure
Bash Bash
Bind 9 Bind 9
Bootstrap Bootstrap
Codeigniter Codeigniter
cPanel cPanel
Dart Dart
Debian Debian
Express.js Express.js
Fedora Fedora
Flutter Flutter
Gatsby Gatsby
GitHub GitHub
GitHub Actions GitHub Actions
GitKraken GitKraken
Golang Golang
Handlebars.js Handlebars.js
Haskell Haskell
JavaScript JavaScript
jQuery jQuery
Laravel Laravel
macOS macOS
MariaDB MariaDB
Materialize Materialize
MongoDB MongoDB
NG Bootstrap NG Bootstrap
Nginx Nginx
NodeJS NodeJS
p5.js p5.js
phpMyAdmin phpMyAdmin
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
Postman Postman
Redis Redis
Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails
Sass Sass
Trello Trello
TypeScript TypeScript
Ubuntu Ubuntu
Vagrant Vagrant
VirtualBox VirtualBox
VS Code VS Code
Windows Windows
Zoho Zoho



Case Studies

Cardinal Care Hospital and Maternity

Cardinal Care Hospital and Maternity embarked on a mission to enhance hospital management software across Africa, initiating the project from an initial script. This web application aims to provide improved service within Africa's healthcare system, addressing specific issues related to hospitals on the continent.


The initial code was poorly formatted, with numerous AJAX calls and redundant JavaScript. The struggle involved beautifying code on every page before commencing modifications. Additionally, the lack of global management for JS code and modals meant implementing solutions separately for each instance.


Despite the challenges, I manually formatted the code, striving to maintain global solutions for modifications. I reoriented coding methodologies to my advantage and found assistance in debugging by checking the Network tab under Inspection. The ongoing effort resulted in a Hospital Management System tailored to the African healthcare sector, eliminating the need for code formatting before starting work.


The project has significantly improved, providing a more efficient and streamlined experience compared to the initial struggles.

UFP Auto Trade

This project holds a special place among my favorites, being a web application designed exclusively for Forex traders. Access to the system is restricted, requiring proper authorization. The front end utilizes the Angular framework, complemented by a back-end service written in NodeJS and express.js.


One major hurdle we faced was obtaining crucial data about customers' trades, a feature not supported by the third-party API service initially employed. We specifically needed access to Expert Advisor error messages and additional data on traders/trades, highlighting the general deficiency in third-party APIs for Forex trading.


To overcome this challenge, we switched our third-party API service provider, gaining numerous new features and increased flexibility. The pivotal change allowed us to establish direct connections between traders and the MQL4 server, enabling real-time updates on their assets.


While the previous API provider offered significant assistance, their solution ultimately fell short of meeting our specific needs. The transition to a new provider proved instrumental in enhancing the project's functionality and addressing the unique challenges associated with Forex trading.

Coolbaby Digital Sdn Bhd

I became involved in this project through a collaborative effort with another project. When asked about my proficiency in front-end design, I, being a Full Stack Developer, accepted the challenge, leading to the development of an online platform. This platform serves as a convenient solution for parents in Southeast Asia seeking childcare services, offering an effortless way for working parents to find babysitters for their kids. The primary goal was to display babysitters and kindergartens within a 15-kilometer radius of parents' homes.


However, we encountered challenges along the way, such as the absence of a dedicated designer initially. Depending on a purchased template, we struggled to meet the design requirements. While adept at front-end development, I lacked expertise in UI/UX and graphic design. Another noteworthy issue was the choice of language for the back end.


To overcome these hurdles, the stakeholders took charge, creating designs using Figma. Subsequently, we sailed smoothly, hiring a front-end developer to focus on designs while I concentrated on preparing back-end services. Opting for Golang to connect the back-end API services with the front-end Angular, we aimed to reduce response time.


The result is a completed platform now live in production, bringing immense joy as one of my successful projects in recent years. It comprises a front-end website with logins for parents and childcare providers, an Admin panel for data and statistics, and a back-end endpoints service written in Golang, seamlessly connecting to a MySQL database for data read/write.

Healthy Way 360

This platform facilitates global online healthcare through video and audio calls, offering a robust software solution. Despite its efficacy, the software is still undergoing refinement before its official market launch. Every module, including payment and meeting setup, has been developed, and extensively tested, but the platform remains in its developmental environment.


The initial Laravel platform structure, suitable for basic healthcare industry needs, proved inadequate as we expanded features.


Recognizing this early on, we anticipated challenges following OpenEMR. Consequently, we refactored the code, maintaining a new codebase on GitHub. We became meticulous about the platform's design structure, routes, and database infrastructure.


Now, we possess a solid product featuring a compelling concept like a second opinion. A second restructuring was necessary to reach our current status. The platform includes a front-end website for appointment booking, a patient portal, nurse portal, and doctor portal for seamless interactions. Additionally, there's a distinct Admin panel for both Admins and Super Admins. Data is stored in a MySQL database running on an Azure Ubuntu box, and video calling utilizes Agora, while SMS and audio calling rely on Twilio.