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Revolutionize property management with Mars, an exceptional room management software designed for landlords to elevate their hotel/hostel management skills.

This all-in-one application streamlines essential property management tasks, including invoice generation, expense tracking, complaint resolution, and cleaning scheduling.

With Mars, you can effortlessly run your property like a seasoned professional.

Tech Stack


Mars Room Management System Invoice


A Three way invoice generating function where you can share the report through email or in the form of SMS. It provides simple and reliable financial reporting that enables you to compare costs and revenue. Generating invoices was never this easy.

Mars Room Management System Staff


Roles can be created, modified, and given to your hotel workers. Keep track of who made the order status modification and when. With notifications of new orders going immediately to the appropriate department and everyone knowing what to do next, you can let your team utilize their time wisely.

Mars Room Management System Tenant


A program that serves clients with their online booking, helps to monitor their reservations and also complain about the service if needed. All with the ease of this software

Mars Room Management System Expense


A fully automated system for managing documents and invoices that lowers the possibility of error and significantly improves time management. It's one of the finest Software Applications that make management of hotel expenses simple and easy.

Mars Room Management System Utility


Find the areas of your portfolio with greater utility expenses that are using all of your operational resources. Showcase the success of sustainable strategies and the development of corporate objectives.

Mars Room Management System Reports


You can keep track of your KPIs and other significant numbers with our automated reporting without having to make any calculations. Boost interaction between various hotel departments and promote more effective business processes.

Mars Room Management System Complaint


As customers and workers bring up issues, you can keep track of them and compile them. One can attach videos and images along with the complaint in order to show evidence or just make it easier for authorities to understand.

Mars Room Management System Lease Monitor

Lease Monitor

Another choice is a program for monitoring leases. This service offers thorough research on wait list management, lease documentation, and occupancy status. Monthly reports and records are available.

Mars Room Management System Room


This Software enables total control of the hotel and, in particular, oversight of the rooms, from entrance checks to ensuring the highest level of comfort in the amenities (lights, sockets, air conditioning etc).

Mars Room Management System Notice


A notice section has been added to the software in order to alert everyone on theupcoming changes or news for all the authorities and clients as well.

Mars Room Management System Login type

Login type

There are multiple login types available (Admin, Staff, Tenant) with particular access to each of them, so that no one gains the authority to view other's work apart from the admin.


1. Customizable roles & permissions allows easy access control for multiple users.
2. Unlimited resources (Room, Tenant & Staff) can be added, viewed, edited & removed ensuring a scalable solution.
3. Summarized information can be accessed instantly in the dashboard.
4. Error & hassle free money management regarding utility, expense, invoice (rent) & salary.
5. Easily upgradable and advanced engineering to ensure security & user friendliness.