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Solving Real Life Problems with T1m9m


There are two types of developers. One type work with the focus to earn revenue and the other to find solutions to real-life problems. T1m9m may fall in the latter category as its work tries to solve problems that exist in the world rather than building revenue generating products. Mars and Venus are the two products that T1m9m offers to people; that are proving themselves to by solving two problems that already exists around us.

T1m9m targeted small business owners and graduates who are now working in different sectors of the corporate world. These two target groups are perfect for the solutions that T1m9m offers as they are the people who believe in taking the initiative. They are the doers, the achievers. They are full of enthusiasm and are constantly looking for new adventures.

Mars and Venus act as the perfect resources that these people need to be able to commence their ventures and take a smooth ride to their road to success.

This new generation has been moving towards a direction where people are individual units yet, are willing to collaborate with like minded people to receive personal gains. This explains the popularity of ride sharing and room sharing apps around the globe. This is allowing many people to cater to that trend by launching businesses that have this philosophy in the core.

Mars - Room Management System

Understanding that needs and to help people be successful in their businesses, T1m9m developed Mars - a comprehensive solution for managing space, rents, and utilities.

Speaking of community, we can see that social media websites and apps are thriving because they bring people virtually closer when it has become almost impossible to do that due to the fast-moving world today. The community is so important to us these days that businesses are investing to create the community-feel at their workplaces. In the corporate world, this network of people is the fuel to an individual’s success. The more you are connected, the better off you are in this competitive world.

Venus - Alumni Association

To help to solve this crisis, T1m9m came up with Venus - a platform to help the alumni communities around the world to regroup and engage to not only make an impact out there in the world but also help each other to be successful in their career through collaboration.

It always feels great to support something that we believe has a potential to positively-impact the society as a whole. T1m9m gives you that purpose and quality assurance through its products.

Like the new generation of today, I believe that action speaks louder than the words. Let us then judge by experiencing the free live demo of T1m9m and then decide for ourselves which one is the right product for your success.